Ian Longson


Ian’s career has been in agriculture and food, and he now works primarily with not for profit industry associations such as the Grain Industry Association of WA and the Grower Group Alliance.

He holds a bachelor degree in Agricultural Science from the University of Western Australia and a masters degree in agricultural marketing and policy from the University of Guelph in Canada. 

He is the current Chair of the Western Australian Integrated Fisheries Advisory Committee providing advice to the WA Minister for Fisheries, and a non-executive director of Seafarms Operations Limited (a land based aquaculture company). 


Ian was Director General of the Western Australian Department of Agriculture and Food for five years, and prior to that he was on the Executive team of the Department of Agriculture. 

For the 10 years prior to joining the Department of Agriculture’s executive team, Ian was senior consultant and manager of the Perth Office of ACIL Consulting (now ACIL Allen).  Consulting assignments included the provision of business analyses and advisory services for agricultural, agribusiness and food processing businesses in Western Australia and a wide range of economic and policy studies for Australian and international businesses and government agencies.


He has also worked for the Dairy Industry Authority of Western Australia, the Asian Development Bank and early in his career as an economist and extension adviser with the Western Australian Department of Agriculture.

Ian is a past board member of Auschem Training, the Southern DIRT Grower Group, the Western Australia Grain Licensing Authority, the Perth Market Authority and the Rural Business Development Corporation.


Ian is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Agriculture (AIA), and was national president of the Institute (2000-2002).  He was President of the Australian Association of Agricultural Consultants (WA Inc.) from 1994 to 1995. 

Ian is a current member of the AIA, Agribusiness Australia and an associate member of AAAC (WA) Inc.


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