If you think your industry could benefit from the establishment of a Committee, we would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss this. The Commission works with you through the entire Committee establishment process.

Setting up an APC Producers’ Committee

The first step in the establishment of a Committee is for the Commission to receive a written request from an interested industry asking for a poll to be conducted to gauge industry interest in establishing a Committee.  Prior to receiving this request the Commission would expect that the requestor has comprehensively consulted with producers, that producers are aware of the benefits of forming a Committee and are comfortable with the manner in which an APC Committee operates.

The Commission then deliberates on the benefits to the industry of establishment of an APC committee, and if found in favour a poll of producers is conducted.  The poll process is rigorous and designed to ensure that producers are fully consulted and are able to be involved in the poll.  It is not in the best interests of either the Commission or an industry for a Committee to be established without true industry support and participation.  The Commission carefully considers the benefits to an industry before a Committee is established.

This infographic provides a visual of the process undertaken

APC committees are made up of five or more people and all producers of the particular agricultural produce are eligible to nominate themselves to serve on the committee. The Commission can appoint committee members or a poll of producers can be held to elect members. The term of office of members is for three years and they can nominate for further terms.  Producers are encouraged to get involved – you can make a bigger difference working from within an organisation than sitting on the outside.

Becoming a member of an APC Producers' Committee

Subject to the Act, members are appointed to Producers’ Committees by the Commission.  To be eligible to become a member of a Producers’ Committee, you must be a producer in the Committee’s industry.

When positions become vacant the Commission calls for applications from growers interested in applying for membership on the Committee.  This is done by placing advertisements in state wide newspapers, on the APC website and in relevant industry newsletters.  Should you have an interest in applying, please complete and submit the nomination form and your nomination will be placed on a register of interested persons.

In considering appointments to Committees, applications are provided to the Committee concerned for their input, with the Commission making the final decision on appointments.

The Commission, when appointing members to Committees, strives to achieve a balanced Committee, with members possessing experience in a range of areas.  Members of Producers’ Committees must consider the interests of all Fee for Service paying producers and not just sectional interests.

Committee members are generally elected for a three year period with terms commencing in June and ending in May of the relevant year.  Members may apply for re-election once their period of tenure has expired.

For a new Committee, the Commission appoints the first Chairman to the Committee and after that committee members nominate one of their number to the Commission for endorsement and appointment as Chairman.

If the Commission is of the opinion that a poll of producers should be held to elect committee members then a poll can be conducted. 

Role of Chairman

The Chairman of the Producers’ Committee leads and directs the activities of the Committee.
The Chairman is responsible for:

  • setting the Committee agenda

  • facilitating the flow of information and discussion

  • conducting Committee meetings and other business

  • ensuring the Committee operates effectively

  • inducting and supporting Committee members

  • ensuring that the Committee keeps focussed on strategic issues and overall performance and does not get caught up on operational issues

  • being fully conversant with the business of the Committee and ensure compliance with all legal and statutory obligations

  • ensuring that procedures are in place to ensure compliance with the Committee’s legislative obligations and any Acts which apply to the Commission

Role of Committee Members

All committee members are in a position of trust (including the Chairperson).  The decisions and undertakings of their Committee may affect their industry producers and the greater community.

Every member of an APC Producers’ Committee is appointed to consider the interests of all their Fee for Service paying producers.  It would not be appropriate for a committee member to only promote the interests or views of a themselves or a sectional group within a particular industry.

Sound and wise decisions by a Committee can only be based upon a full and informed discussion of varying and possibly conflicting views and considerations. It is to be expected within this wide range of views that inevitably there will be differences in the opinions, approaches and philosophies of the Committee members. But the predominant element which each individual must bear in mind is the promotion of the interests of the Fee for Service paying producers on whose behalf it operates (Reference: based on judgment by Sir Laurence Street in the Supreme Court of NSW “Bennetts v. Board of Fire Commissioners”).

A Committee Member Must:

  • Familiarise themselves with the Act, the APC Committee directions and with members’ legal and statutory obligations.

  • Be able to work constructively and cooperatively with other members, the Commission and related Committees and bodies.

  • Read all meeting papers, ask for more information or clarification if required, become familiar with relevant legislation and policies, and attend as many meetings as possible.

  • Take an interest in all issues before the Committee, ask questions, raise objections and debate opposing views, be objective, understand enough to form an opinion on every issue before the committee and to make conscientious and informed decisions.

  • Develop an understanding of the physical, political and social environment in which the Committee operates.

  • Place the interests of their industry above personal interests and not use their position for personal gain.

  • Express concerns to the Chairman or Commission should a decision or action appear to be contrary to the Committee’s duty.

  • Avoid any improper use of their Committee position.

  • Not misuse information obtained in the course of Committee duties either to obtain a direct or indirect gain for themselves or others; or do harm to other people or the Committee.

  • Act with honesty, integrity and in good faith.

  • Not improperly influence other Committee members.

  • Maintain confidentiality. Do not divulge information which is confidential or sensitive.

  • Must disclose any personal interests which may lead to a conflict of interest.

  • Not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race or disability etc in the exercise of their duties,

  • Exercise reasonable skill and care in carrying out their duties and making decisions.

  • Comply with any relevant laws or legal obligations and implement the decisions taken by the Committee.

Removal from Office

The Commission may remove a member from office on the grounds that the person is mentally or physically incapable of performing the duties of member or for incompetence, neglect of duty or a breach of Committee Directions.

Applying to become a member of an APC Producers’ Committee

If you are interested in becoming a member of a Committee we would like to hear from you. Simply call us,
FILL IN THE NOMINATION FORM BELOW, or  download the form here and return it to us.

If the Committee has a vacancy, your application will be considered at the next Commissioner’s meeting and if no vacancy exists, your application will be held on record until a vacancy opens up. Each Committee page shows current members and current terms.

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