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Agricultural Produce Commission project funding application form

The APC has Producers' Committees which provide services to industries as follows: apple, pear, citrus, stone fruit, vegetables, potatoes, eggs, bees, pork, avocado, strawberry, table grape and wine. Funding applications must relate to one (or more) of these industries.

This application is intended as a brief indication of the project, the APC Producers' Committee to which the funding application relates will contact you within one month of receiving your application to discuss your application and/or request further information.

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Is the total amount of funding required being requested from the APC, or will other organisations be contributing to project costs? If the project runs over more than one year, how will funding be required?


Mail: Agricultural Produce Commission, Sort Bin 27, 3 Baron-Hay Court, South Perth 6151 or directly to the Committee if you have already had a discussions with them about the project application.

Queries: +61 (0)8 9368 3127