Agricultural Produce Commission Amendment Bill 2019

The APC Amendment Bill 2019 was introduced into Parliament on 7 August 2019. This link will take you to the Parliament of WA website where the Bill and the explanatory memorandum can be found.

This is an FAQ sheet on questions which have been asked in relation to the proposed changes.

This provides a background to the APC and how it operates

This provides an understanding of the process to establish a committee.

This provides an understanding of the process to appoint members to committees.

This provides an understanding of the process to identify services and set the FFS charge.

These are the functions under the Act which a committee can provide.

The Commission established via the Act establishes and provides governance and financial services to APC Producers’ Committees.

The Commission works to...

  • Encourage initiative amongst producers of agricultural produce to form Producers’ Committees for the purpose of providing services to producers of that agricultural produce.

  • To provide Western Australian producers with the ability to self fund and take ownership of the provision of identified services to Fee for Service paying producers.

  • To further the growth, prosperity and security of Fee for Service paying producers within Western Australia.

  • To provide specialist governance and guidance to APC Committees, encouraging them to work with their Fee for Service paying producers to identify initiatives and provide true value services to their members.

Representing Western Australian agricultural producers

    Minister for Agriculture and Food    
4 Commissioners
Producers' Committees
11 Active Committees
Chief Finance Officer
2x Finance Officers   Fee For Service Producers