Crop Pest Control

This Committee is currently in recess.
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Crop Pest Control Committee

To protect the horticultural industry the APC Kununurra Crop Pest Control Committee in 1997 was established to control fruit fly infestations within the Kununurra Town site.

Committee Membership

The Committee consists of 7 members who are Kununurra horticultural producers.


The service that is provided by the Committee is covered by (b) of Section 12.1 – Control or develop the means of controlling pests and diseases if there is a likelihood of those pest or diseases affecting the quality or volume of output of the agricultural produce.


The fee for service for Kununurra horticultural producers was suspended in 1999 due to request from the Department of Agriculture to cease fruit fly baiting within the Kununurra quarantine zone due to interstate requirements. This meant a change in the committee’s capacity to control Mediterranean Fruit Fly.

However in 2003 funding was required to support the introduction of the bio-security plan (Ordguard) for melon thrips monitoring plus Medfly trapping and eradication, new Fee for Service charges on horticultural sales was recommenced on 1st May 2003, the fees were:

Fee for Service

  1. Rockmelon, honeydew & butternut pumpkin @ 5 cents per carton
  2. Pumpkin and watermelon @ $1.20 per tonne
  3. Other fruit and vegetables @ 11 cents per carton

Producers submitted the Fee for Service direct to the APC fourteen days after the end of each quarter.
Fee for Service suspended from 1 July 2005:

In 2005 the Committee decided to suspend all activities and the above Fee for Service charges as from 1st July 2005. The Committee's activities to be replaced by a community based bio-security scheme - Refer Page 20 of the icon 2008 to 2009 for further information and financial statements.)


The Agricultural Produce (Horticultural Industry) Regulations 2001 icon Agricultural Produce (Horticultural Industry) Regulations 2001 are applicable to Kununurra horticultural producers.

Committee Business Plan

See Business Plan for KPCC icon KPCC Business Plan (29.42 kB)