APC Potato Producers’ Committee

The APC Potato Producers’ Committee was established in 2001, after a successful poll of producers to form an APC Producers’ Committee.  

A Fee for Service was adopted under the APC Act and the former levy collected under the Potato Growing Industry Compensation Trust Fund Act was repealed.

The Committee covers all Western Australian potato producers.

Committee Membership

The Committee consists of six members covering all main potato growing areas in Western Australia.

The Executive Officer of the Potato Growers Association is elected as EO for the Committee.

Committee members are elected for a three year period with terms commencing in June and ending in May of the relevant year.  Members may apply for re-election once their period of tenure has expired.

When positions becomes vacant the Commission calls for applications from growers who might be interested in applying for membership on the Committee. This is done by placing advertisements in statewide newspapers, on the APC website and in relevant industry newsletter.  Should you have an interest in applying, please contact the Commission at (apcmanager@dpird.wa.gov.au) and your name will be placed on a register of interested persons.

In line with good Committee governance the Committee strives to achieve a balanced Board, with members possessing experience in a range of areas.

  • Member | Terms | Email / Phone
  • Executive Officer
    Simon Moltoni | |simon@wapotatoes.com.au (08) 9481 0834
  • Committee Secretary
    Morena Perdec| | morena@wapotatoes.com.au (08) 9481 0834
  • Chairperson
    Glen Ryan | 2016 - 2019 | glenjr@bigpond.com 0428 827 126
  • Domenic Della Vedova | 2016 - 2019 | 
  • Terry Ackley | 2016 - 2019 | 
  • Sam Calameri | 2016 - 2019 | 
  • Matthew Cocciolone | 2017 - 2020 |
  • Mia Rose | 2017 - 2020 |
  • All terms are three years commencing in June (unless otherwise stated)


The Committee is enabled to provide services (a) to (m) as listed in functions Section 12.1 of the APC Act.

Each year the Committee calls for Expressions of Interest in relation to suggestions on how the Committee should direct its activities (within the confines of the APC Service Functions) for the coming financial year.

Should you have any suggestions or feedback please contact the Committee Secretary, Morena Perdec: morena@wapotatoes.com.au.

Services undertaken by the Committee

The Committee uses Fee for Service funds for such industry initiatives as, potato variety development, research into potato pests and disease and funding for the Industry Association, Potato Growers Association Inc (PGA).

The proposed Potato General 2018/2019 Budget figure of $427,000 includes the following activities:

  • Potato Growers Association WA Grant Funding
  • Seed certification scheme and virus testing of seed potatoes (DPIRD)
  • Support to deliver PSTVD (DPIRD)
  • Seed grower training (WASPP)
  • West Midlands Potato Group
  • APC admin charge of 9% of FFS Collected

A report on Committee activities can be found in the APC Annual Report.

Fee for Service

The Fee for Service on sales of WA grown potatoes as from 1 July 2014 is:

  • ||
  • Processing Potatoes | Local and export | $6.00 per tonne
  • Seed Potatoes | Local and export | $6.00 per tonne
  • Ware (fresh) Potatoes | Local | $8.00 per tonne
  • Ware (fresh) Potatoes | Export | $6.00 per tonne

Fee for Service Returns are remitted electronically in a Microsoft Excel Return Form.


The regulations for the collection of Fee for Service for the WA potato industry are covered by the Agricultural Produce (Horticultural Industry) Regulations 2001.

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