APC Vegetable Producers’ Committee

The Agricultural Produce Commission on 18 March 2005 established the APC Vegetable Producers’ Committee.

During the consultation process it was agreed that producers of herbs, mushrooms and tomatoes would be excluded from the poll and therefore the Fee for Service charges would not cover these products. Also excluded from the vegetable Fee for Service were potato and Kununurra vegetable producers as these producers already had APC producers' committees established for their industries.

In April 2009 tomatoes were included as a Fee for Service paying product within the APC Vegetable Producers’ Committee.

Committee Membership

The Committee consists of five members, representing the main vegetable growing areas covered by the Committee.

Committee members are elected for a three year period with terms commencing in June and ending in May of the relevant year.  Members may apply for re-election once their period of tenure has expired.

When positions become vacant the Commission calls for applications from growers who might be interested in applying for membership on the Committee.  This is done by placing advertisements in statewide newspapers, on the APC website and in relevant industry newsletters. Should you have an interest in applying, please contact the Commission at and your name will be placed on a register of interested persons.

In line with good Committee governance the Committee strives to achieve a balanced Board, with members possessing experience in a range of areas.

  • Member | Terms | Email / Phone

  • Chairperson
    Maureen Dobra | 2016 - 2019 | (08) 9575 2086

  • Joyce Babun | 2018 - 2021|

  • Peter Ivankovich | 2016 - 2019|

  • Lisa Tana | 2017 - 2020|

  • James Wringe | Mar 2017 - May 2020|

  • Committee EO
    John Shannon | | (08) 9486 7515 / 0488 111 526

  • Industry Association
    Vegetables WA| | (08) 9486 7515

  • All terms are three years commencing in June (unless otherwise stated)


The Committee is enabled to provide services (a) to (m) as listed in functions Section 12.1 of the APC Act.

In recent years the Committee has provided funding to the vegetable industry peak body ‘vegetablesWA’, so that vegetablesWA can provide services to vegetable growers on behalf of the committee.  Research projects such as: ‘Nutritional Value of West Australian Carrots’ and ‘Screening of herbicides for lettuce production’ have also been funded.

Each year the Committee calls for Expressions of Interest in relation to suggestions on how the Committee should direct its activities (within the confines of the APC Service Functions) for the coming financial year.

Should you have any suggestions or feedback please contact the Committee EO, John Shannon

Services undertaken by the Committee

The Committee uses Fee for Service funds for such industry initiatives as Field Extension Officer, marketing and promotion of WA vegetables and research into vegetable pests and disease.

The proposed Vegetable 2018/2019 Budget figure of $893,347 includes the following activities:

  • VegetablesWA

  • Field Extension Officer – Vietnamese

  • Field Extension Officer

  • Quality Assurance Services for vegetable growers

  • Crunch n Sip through the Cancer Council

  • Export readiness workshop and materials

  • Food Safety Crisis Management Plan

  • Fee For Service Reform

  • Industrial Award Changes

  • APC admin charge @ 10% of FFS collection

A report on Committee activities can be found in the APC Annual Report.

Completed Project Reports

Disinfestation of tomatoes against Medfly for interstate market access - July 2018

Copies of reports are available to Fee For Service paying vegetable producers. If you would like a copy, please email; (08) 9368 3465/3734 stating the name of project and supply your APC ID number.

Fee for Service

As from 1 July 2013, the Fee for Service payable on vegetables covered by the Committee is:

  1. per individual package of vegetable product weighing 100 kilograms or less $0.05

  2. per individual package of vegetable product weighing 101 to 1000 kilograms $0.40

  3. tonne contained within trailer/truck $0.70

The Fee for Service is to apply to all vegetables sold by producers, except herb, mushroom, potatoes and vegetables grown in the Ord Irrigation area (Kununurra).


The regulations for the collection of the Fee for Service on WA grown vegetables are covered by the Agricultural Produce (Horticultural Industry) Regulations 2001.

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