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APC Table Grape Producers' Committee


2019/ 2020 Table Grape Maturity Inspections

We wish to advise that inspections, to ensure table grapes meet minimum standards of maturity will be carried out at the central markets in Canning Vale, distribution Centre’s and wholesale and retail outlets throughout Western Australia. 

The standards have been approved by the Executive Director Biosecurity, Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.  The grower organisation has been notified, in accordance with regulation 46 of the Biosecurity and Agriculture Management (Agriculture Standards) Regulations 2013. The maturity standard applies from 1 September 2019 to 31 August 2020.

Inspections are funded by the Agricultural Produce Commission Table Grape Producers’ Committee on behalf of the table grape industry.   Inspections will be carried out under the Biosecurity and Agriculture Management Act 2007 (BAM) and the BAM (Agriculture Standards) Regulations 2013 by inspectors from Total Quality Assurance Systems (TQAS).

These inspections will ensure table grapes offered for sale have an appropriate level of maturity thus providing consumer satisfaction and encouraging repeat sales.

For further information please contact;

Mr Tony Kundid
Chairperson: APC Table Grape Producers’ Committee
Mobile: 0438 932 372

The APC Table Grape Producers’ Committee was established in 1991 and was the first producers’ committee established under the APC Act 1988.

The Committee covers all Western Australian table grape producers. 

Committee Membership

The Committee consists of seven table grape producers from Western Australia.

Committee members are elected for a three year period with terms commencing in June and ending in May of the relevant year.

Members may apply for re-election once their period of tenure has expired.

When positions becomes vacant the Commission calls for applications from growers who might be interested in applying for membership on the Committee.  This is done by placing advertisements in statewide newspapers, on the APC website and in relevant industry newsletters.  Should you have an interest in applying, please contact the Commission at and your name will be placed on a register of interested persons.

In line with good Committee governance the Committee strives to achieve a balanced Board, with members possessing experience in a range of areas.

  • Member | Terms | Email / Phone

  • Chairperson
    Tony Kundid | Sept 2018 - 2020 | 0438 932 372

  • Roger Fahl | 2018 - 2021 |

  • Matt Katich | 2019 - 2022 |

  • Peter Nuich | 2017 - 2020|

  • Kim Taylor | 2017 - 2020 |

  • David Bumbak | 2018 - 2021 |

  • All terms are three years commencing in June (unless otherwise stated)



The Table Grape Committee is enabled to provide service (a) to (L) and (m) as listed in the functions under Section 12.1 of the APC Act 1988.

Services undertaken by the Committee

Expenditure of Fee for Service funds is mainly directed towards promotion and table grape inspections services. 
The proposed Table Grape Promotion 2019/2020 Budget figure of $44,500 includes the following activities:

  • DPIRD - Min Mat Standards Research

  • TG Maturity Assessment (TQAS)

  • Secretarial/Committee expenses

  • APC admin charge @ 15% of FFS Collected

A review of Committee activities can be found in the APC Annual Report.

Fee for Service

The Fee for Service is based on three standard carton sizes, these being:

  1. 18 litre carton @ 7 cents carton

  2. 22 litre carton @ 9 cents carton

  3. 36 litre carton @ 14 cents carton

  4. Fee for service converted to kilogram $0.007 per kilogram

Fee for Service Returns are remitted electronically in the Table Grape FFS Return Form.

To assist in compliance procedures the Committee forwards Fee for Service return forms to producers at the end of each growing season. Producers then complete and return these with their payments.


The regulations for the collection of WA table grape fee for service are covered by the Agricultural Produce (Horticultural Industry) Regulations 2001.

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