Monica Radomiljac


Monica Radomiljac arrived in the Pemberton region as a teacher; she is currently managing and operating Pemberley with her family. Situated in Pemberton this is a 210 ha property that incorporates 63ha of vineyard, 8ha of potatoes, 1 ha trufferie, marron, 100 Angus cattle and a cellar door.

She is currently Chair of the Southern Forest Food Council which acts as a single point of contact for over 200 growers, producing over 50 different types of fruits and vegetables, beef, sheep, dairy, pork, wine and gourmet products, including truffle. This array of produce is unified under one regional brand, Genuinely Southern Forests Western Australia.  

She is also member of the Wines of Western Australia Wine Tourism Alliance, a past Board member of Wines of Western Australia, the Rottnest Foundation and the APC Wine Producers’ Committee.  

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